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Chantharavady Choulamany - 2016

Dr. Chantharavady Coulamany has been selected as the 2016 winner of the Dr. Guislain "Breaking the Chains of Stigma" Award. As only one of two qualified psychiatrists in Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR), a country of more than 6 million people, Dr. Chantharavady Choulamany has dedicated her life to increasing access to mental health services and developing education programs to treat and improve understanding of mental illness. She is Program Manager in her country for BasicNeeds, an international, non-governmental, mental-health focused organization.

Dr. Choulamany has worked to address mental health issues and needs in her country with a uniquely successful approach. She works with all levels of government, advocating for better treatment services, more funding and pushing for more trained health professionals. She has also provided training to Buddhist monks to help care for people with mental illness through counseling and prayer. More than 8,000 patients and family members have already benefited directly from Dr. Choulamany's work.

View video of the inauguration here.

Janos Marton, 2015

Janos Marton, director of The Living Museum in New York, has been named the 2015 winner of the Dr. Guislain "Breaking the Chains of Stigma" Award. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Marton has fostered an environment of artistic expression at The Living Museum located within the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. At The Living Museum, people with mental illness are encouraged to transform their experiences to artistic expression, a shift that can have profound implications for a patient's overall well-being. Driven by a desire to empower his patients, Dr. Marton is the curator of the largest collection of art by people living with a mental illness in the United States.

Through The Living Museum, Dr. Marton has positively impacted the lives of many patients, volunteers, students, artists and mental health professionals. To date, this concept of creating an artistic atmosphere for mental health patients has sparked similar creative centers regionally and globally, from Long Island to Switzerland to Holland.   

View a fragment of his speech here.


Robin Hammond, 2014

Robin Hammond, a documentary photographer and filmmaker, has been selected as the 2014 winner of the Dr. Guislain "Breaking the Chains of Stigma" Award for his striking photojournalism that exposes the mistreatment of mentally ill people in African nations in crisis. Mr. Hammond's photography of mentally ill people in nations such as the South Sudan, Liberia and Uganda document the struggles faced by patients with brain disorders in many developing nations. The resulting images, many of which are striking and unsettling, have been published in a photo book entitled, "CONDEMNED-Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis." Hammond was named the recipient of the 2014 Pictures of the Year International World Understanding Award for the project. Mr. Hammond delivers lectures throughout the world on the effects of stigma and the need to advocate for these patients.

Robin Hammond


Matrika Devkota, 2013

Matrika Devkota, the Nepalese founder of the organization Koshish, has been selected as the 2013 winner of the Dr. Guislain "Breaking the Chains of Stigma" Award for his tireless work to fight stigma by empowering those suffering from mental illness to serve as self-advocates. Mr. Devkota founded Koshish in 2004, after he recognized the need for a community support organization that promoted the rights of mental health patients. The word "koshish" means "making an effort" in Nepalese and the organization makes an effort to mainstream mental health and psychosocial disabilities. The organization frequently serves as a lobbyist on behalf of those suffering from mental illness, and seeks to improve policy and public perception surrounding these conditions, while empowering patients to act as self-advocates.

Koshish is a nongovernmental organization registered in the District ofKathmandu, with the approval of the Nepal Social Welfare Council in 2008. NGO support for mental illness is crucial in Nepal, as less than 1 percent of government spending is allocated for mental health treatment.

view video inauguration here.

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Bagus Utomo, 2012

The Indonesian Bagus Utomo, who was motivated by his brother's mental illness, has been selected as the winner of the first Dr. Guislain Award in 2012. Bagus Utomo provide resources about and fight stigma associated with schizophrenia through his organization Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia (Indonesia Community Care for Schizophrenia), or KPSI.

KPSI is an organization that provides online information about schizophrenia and community support for patients and their families.

View the announcement of Dr.Guislain Award 2012 here.

Bagus Utomo


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